Monday, 29 August 2016

Fear factor

I turned 40 this year and hoped to make a plan for something truly memorable to mark this milestone birthday. I did a bit of looking around and have decided to head north to hunt dangerous game in our own back yard: banteng and buffalo.

Fear factor? Strangely, yes.  When we headed to Africa to hunt elephant and buffalo in the past, I was excited about the adventure and the thrill of close quarters encounters with buffalo and especially elephant was frightening to some extent but the adrenaline fixed that! 

I don't recall having butterflies in the lead-up to these safaris, but maybe time has sorted that out?

This time, a few years older, a little bit wiser, perhaps feeling the weight of responsibility just a little bit more than I used to, there's a healthy dose of fear in the mix! Stay tuned.

Photos courtesy of Tropical Hunting Safaris