Sunday, 24 April 2016

A family hunt

The other day I took the team out for a few days hunting at one of my favourite spots.  It's been dry and unseasonably hot, so the rut just wasn't what it should have been. The pigs stuck to the thick stuff as in this mountain country, the pigs are only interested in coming out when its cold and damp.

Enjoy the photos...

Sign of lots of girls in camp... coloured socks!
Rattling got the attention of distant stags but didn't bring them in this season.
Sometimes it doesn't matter how much you climb, there is no trophy at the end of the hunt; no stag to carry home. But the rewards are there - hunting was great, the sounds and sights and smells with my ol' .308 Winchester over my shoulder made it all worth it.
The mountains were crawling with feral goats!
This fox too slow and from 120 yards, a 150gr Nosler Ballistic Tip ended his run.
The softest goat skin I've ever encountered! The girls wanted it for their room,
More chevon!
And on our last evening, we were rewarded with this...

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