Monday, 29 August 2016

Fear factor

I turned 40 this year and hoped to make a plan for something truly memorable to mark this milestone birthday. I did a bit of looking around and have decided to head north to hunt dangerous game in our own back yard: banteng and buffalo.

Fear factor? Strangely, yes.  When we headed to Africa to hunt elephant and buffalo in the past, I was excited about the adventure and the thrill of close quarters encounters with buffalo and especially elephant was frightening to some extent but the adrenaline fixed that! 

I don't recall having butterflies in the lead-up to these safaris, but maybe time has sorted that out?

This time, a few years older, a little bit wiser, perhaps feeling the weight of responsibility just a little bit more than I used to, there's a healthy dose of fear in the mix! Stay tuned.

Photos courtesy of Tropical Hunting Safaris


Sunday, 24 April 2016

A family hunt

The other day I took the team out for a few days hunting at one of my favourite spots.  It's been dry and unseasonably hot, so the rut just wasn't what it should have been. The pigs stuck to the thick stuff as in this mountain country, the pigs are only interested in coming out when its cold and damp.

Enjoy the photos...

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Carnage & Wanton Slaughter

To think that a family of evil hunters could go out and deliberately target and kill animals. Every shot calculated and considered. 

The other day I took my tribe camping. It wasn't all about camping really; the focus of this trip was hunting. We were chasing a big ol' rutting stag and there's plenty of them running the hills on the property we were visiting - 10,000 acres on the fringe of the Liverpool Plains.