Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Living With The Enemy: Hunting

Tonight on Australia's SBS, we were very fortunate to see a wonderful episode of Living With The Enemy that focused on the polar opposites of the hunting world: Felicity Andersen, activist with Animal Liberation Victoria and Steve Lee, contract shooter living in central western New South Wales.

I had a feeling of what was to come, and I was far from disappointed. I found it hard not to find the program immensely entertaining! Steve Lee, country singer, contract shooter and licensed pyrotechnician remained good humoured, tolerant and even understanding of the activists viewpoint.  His position didn't change, but he gave them time to speak and he listened.

Felicity Anderson was excited and motivated for the first 30 minutes, and then we saw her mood turn to dread as they headed out of her comfort zone - entering properties illegally, stealing property, tending to diseased animals that might be better off euthanised and cuddling animals at rehabilitation centres - to a western NSW property where they planned to camp and spend a couple of days hunting.

It all got worse for Ms. Anderson when Steve was joined by The Honourable Robert Borsak,
Member of the Legislative Council for their hunt.
In one scene, the afternoon pig hunt (seriously, go straight to 37:18), the boys manage to deck a couple of pigs...

And Robert Borsak is calm, considered and direct -
"Sshh, sshh, sshh, pigs...  BOOM... yeah got him."

Ms. Anderson is clearly emotional as she slaps her forehead -
"Oh fuck!"

Steve Lee is excited -
"Did you get two in one shot? Get out of here..."

Ms. Anderson cant stop apologising to the pigs -
"Oh my God I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry... fucking hell you're animals..."

And back to Robert -
"Don't swear at me. Grow up. Turn away if you don't like it."

And again to Ms. Anderson -
"I should have stayed with that bastard... I should have stayed with him and because I didn't they're dead."

Clearly Ms. Anderson is responsible for the death of these pigs and the boys were free to head off, skipping through the paddocks without a care in the world; certainly not carrying any sort of burden as a result of their successful stalk.

Make some time fellow hunters, this is definitely worth watching. Some good points made by the hunters and some of the usual liberationists' rhetoric which in context, made for an enjoyable hour in front of the box. The program will be available to watch for the rest of October at the link below and you can purchase the episode through iTunes.

Looking forward to your feedback on this one!