Friday, 23 May 2014

A bad year in review

I feel like a broken record, scratched, repeating, I'm not in the greatest condition, worn out with a load of scuff marks. The last year or so has brought new meaning to the term "...a long day at the office..." and as someone who doesn't shy away from hard work or long hours, I’m buggered! 

I hate to sound morbid or sombre, it really isn't in my nature, but we've had a very average year and amongst many other things, my hunting has suffered. A week off hunting is hard to come by when juggling work, family and the ills and ailments that befall us every now and then. In 2013 I've hardly been able to put together a plan for a hunt, let alone get out there. Even my writing - and there's never been much of it - has all but stopped this year.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Time out hunting

We had a great hunt over the Easter long weekend. There were a few photos from our hunt that I really thought worth sharing. We hope you enjoy these...

This fox met his demise in thick scrub some time ago.  Poison? A bullet? A slow and lingering death? It doesn't matter so much now.