Saturday, 30 August 2014

Too busy not hunting

Has it really been three months?

Today I opened the safe for the first time in a long time.  I held my breath as the heavy door swung open, expecting to see a build-up of scaly red rust rather than the deep blue-black lustre that greeted me.  Thankfully the damp weather that’s hit Sydney this past six weeks has not brought the scourge of oxidation to my small collection of hunting rifles and shotguns.

Regrettably, I’ve been too busy not hunting.

Big tenders and important submissions at work and business travel to India then China then India again has cost me a lot of sleep and kept me away from my girls at home and my guns in the safe. I’ve hardly had time to think about hunting, let alone fit a hunt into my schedule.

While all of this has been going on, the boss and I have been busy realising a very long running project – building a house we designed in the most wonderful spot you could imagine - wonderful given that we're 10k’s out of Sydney’s CBD. Although it might have been nicer on an escarpment looking over kudu-country in Limpopo Provence, surrounded by proteas and tricky-klippies bouncing around the kopjes, this is far more convenient!

Most of our windows look onto the surrounding bushland.  I guess it could be worse...

So there’s a lot of excitement as this five-year project is nearing practical completion, at least structurally. With a great bush outlook and a trophy room of epic proportions by my standard, this really is the beginning of a dream-come-true for this hunter.

The new Trophy Room is quite grand; 19' x 18' with 13' high ceilings! MDF lining on all of the walls is going to make hanging eland and buffalo a breeze.  Very cool.
A dramatic change in ceiling heights has created some very interesting walls for game heads, safari mementos and related paraphernalia!
This neat little cavity is just begging for a custom-built safe...

To top off this exciting time in our lives, my very good friend Rupert Dedekind is almost ready to load our 20’ FCL onto a vessel out of Elizabeth Bay, sailing half way ‘round the world, bound for Botany Bay!

Not only will the trophy room become home to all my old favourites from 25 years of hunting, but there are some incredible new editions on the way too… a monster 55” Southern Greater Kudu and a neat little Limpopo Bushbuck I hunted in Mica. A massive stinkbull Southern Giraffe the boss and I shot on a reserve outside of Hoedspruit, two beautiful Spotted Hyena – one from Hoedspruit and the other from the Matlabas River, a dainty Klipspringer ram and the very long-awaited Brown Hyena which I was finally able to shoot out of a blind over bait on a rugged block south of Musina.

Too busy to go hunting right now, but that’s okay; lots of good stuff ahead for this little tribe.


  1. That looks like a great place you're putting together there, Dan! I know the rewards will be worth the work.

    1. It's been a big job mate, we've been working in it for nearly 5 years now. Bit of bureaucracy and one pain-in-the-arse neighbour and here we are...

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    1. Thanks for the feedback Ricky. Come again!