Friday, 9 May 2014

Time out hunting

We had a great hunt over the Easter long weekend. There were a few photos from our hunt that I really thought worth sharing. We hope you enjoy these...

This fox met his demise in thick scrub some time ago.  Poison? A bullet? A slow and lingering death? It doesn't matter so much now.
A heavily eroded creek has left the tree roots up in the air creating some very dramatic scenery.
Bringing home the bacon; here I am dragging a young boar shot on a high plateau into the shade.
A young, malform fallow buck I found in a creek bed I hunted late on Easter Sunday.
This trees snakes it's way to water a long way down in the creek below.
With two little girls at home, it was only a matter of time before some less "manly" gear made its way into the Toyota...

Picking our way down a very steep incline, dad walks ahead picking the larger rocks off the track; he has yet to install decent set of bash plates under his new Toyota.

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