Thursday, 4 July 2013

Sentimental me

Early in life I started collecting things. It all began with postage stamps. Thinking back, I had no real philatelic passions, but the fact that there were so many to collect, such variety, some so exotic, some so rare, it somehow made it an exciting process. Collecting postage stamps, exciting ay? Hmmm...

Then I started hunting.

Wandering through some quite remote bushland I would come across weathered and rusted memories of people who came before me. And I collected them.

As I realised the value of being able to identify species by scat and spoor I looked very carefully for well-preserved specimens. I collected those too.

And as an amateur taxidermist, very often a non-trophy animal would have an unusual pelage or antler formation, so I would preserve these for their uniqueness. I got sentimental.

Then I took it further.