Friday, 28 June 2013

Guns & Game Magazine, no.79

In the lead up to our 2012 elephant safari, I put in a few days of hunting to get my eye in with my old .450 Ackley Magnum; I figured a bit of practice holding on couldn't hurt!

One of those trips was a great solo adventure on the western plains where I was lucky enough to get my big bore trained on a few big boars. See the full story in Guns & Game Magazine, July-September 2013, number 79. 

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Shoot first, ask questions later

Every hunter's done it.  I thought I had well and truly learned my lesson in 2009 when I passed up a monster Nyala while on safari in South Africa's Limpopo Province.  We had arrived on a property in Thabazimbi on the banks of the Matlabas River, mostly to hunt the Brown and Spotted Hyena that frequent the area, but also to nail a nice Nyala. We had been hunting for three quarters of an hour when my PH, Stephan, pointed out a massive bull patrolling a clearing ahead of us.  Everything was in our favour - the wind was right, we had the element of surprise and there was plenty of time for a well considered shot.

   "No mate, let's leave him. We have plenty of time."

Stephan looked at me like I was speaking in Japanese.  A strong man from a South African farming family, the love of the hunt coursed through his veins and he was dumbfounded by my reluctance to shoot.  In hindsight he was right; I was an idiot.  Nine days later I shot a nice bull, but not nearly as good as the old boy we spotted in the forty-fifth minute of the hunt...