Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A shot of a tsessebe

2009. On our final, full day on safari, we decided it should to be an easy hunting day. There were some white blesbok getting about at the back of the place we were hunting, however on the way out there we bumped a herd of the very rarely hunted tsessebe. I was with the missus on this safari, six months pregnant at the time. Our daughter (who was 16 months old) was along for the ride, as was a good friend of hours from Sydney who was playing nanny on safari. The whole lot of us were in the bakkie while our PH Stephan rode up front with Fanwell - tracker and skinner.

We all looked at the tsessebe in the distance. I looked at the boss. The boss looked at me. We both looked at Stephan... we sat there bending spoons in our mind and without saying a word, agreed to have a closer look at the herd "just in case" there was a good bull amongst them...  


Thursday, 17 January 2013

DaggaBoy Blog milestone - 10,000 visits - no celebratory gunfire please

Yay! I've just had my 10,000th visitor to DaggaBoy Blog! Quite a milestone for this little venture and while I wasn't sure how committed I would be to tap-tap-tapping away to some readers who may-or-may-not be reading, I'm very happy that I've been able to maintain some momentum with regular posts and hopefully some interesting content.

I've really enjoyed the comments that have come through, mostly from members and other bloggers. I guess the idea was to share my stories with others and any opportunity to discuss those stories is a good one. So thank you if you've taken the time to keep up to date with DaggaBoy Blog and especially to those who have left comments; excellent to hear from you!

As great a milestone as 10,000 visits may be for me, the celebrations will be limited to this post, perhaps a cider, perhaps two? No celebratory gunfire please, I was reading into it and apparently a lot of people are dying from celebratory gunfire all over the world.

So I will borrow some celebratory gunfire from my middle eastern brothers...

البنادق هي كبيرة
Over the past 14 months, other than general hunting content, the blog has also touched on niche subjects I'm interested in - Africa's big game, the hornet project, return to nitro express and taxidermy 101. There'll be more on all of these in 2013 as well as new content in C.A.R. safari and some great content in beer o'clock.

If you're enjoying DaggaBoy Blog become a member so I can see your smiling face every time I log in. If you're a social-networker, like us on facebook - there's a button up there somewhere. No catch, no gimmicks, just become a part of the cyber hunting community.

For those who hate hunting and private gun ownership, sign up as well so that you might teach us something about the government taking away any rights, freedoms or privileges we may have, and perhaps enlighten this hunter about how environmentally friendly soya bean production is and how it saves so many animals from dying... actually, hold that thought, you might learn something here...

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hyenas in Addis Ababa

I'm a huge fan of the hyena and think they are a wonderful animal. One of Africa's most successful predators, perfectly adapted to long pursuit hunting and total utilisation of their prey. They kill the old and sick grazers, helping to maintain the health of herding animals and clean up dead carcasses across Africa, greatly benefiting the ecosystem. 

Hyenas offer wonderful game viewing opportunities for travelers and are a very challenging and unique game animal for hunt the hunter willing to put in the effort.  I have been fortunate to hunt the Spotted Hyena and the Brown Hyena and have had success with both species; the Striped Hyena is not easily available to the hunter. 

You can read Part I of my hyena hunting exploits by clicking the link below. Part II is a "work in progress" and will be online soon... http://huntingafricasbiggame.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/hunting-hyena-part-i.html

The latest issue of African Indaba has an article by Ludwig Siege titled "Hyenas in Addis Ababa".  Another example of the human animal conflict that can arise in fringe areas across Africa where humans and wild animals must co-exist.  This article relates to hyena in Ethipoia's capital city, Addis Ababa. To view the current African Indaba issue in full click on this link http://www.africanindaba.co.za/Archive12/AfricanIndabaVol10-2.pdf

Click here to read the article "Hyenas in Addis Ababa"

Thursday, 3 January 2013

New Year's Deer

We headed up north on the 30th of December to a friend's cattle property.  The drive was long and uneventful, the food and the company were great, and the hunting was as good as it ever is.  It's been quite dry and the deer have been coming out of the scrub to feed on the few green patches left on the farm - no good for the cattleman, and as it turned out, no good for the deer either. However even with a concentrated effort to cull the deer, numbers are as healthy as ever.

Up and about at 4:00am, a big call on New Year's Day! The walk to the tops was easy going in the cool temperatures before the sun showed itself. I left the cottage on foot and hiked well into deer country well before day break.