Monday, 18 February 2013

HuntFest is coming to town!

Calling all hunters out there to get involved; HuntFest is coming to town!

The South Coast Hunter's Club (SCHC) has developed the idea of "HuntFest", an annual, Australia wide photographic and video competition held in conjunction with relevant displays of hunting, camping, bush walking and general outdoors equipment, game meats and all of nature's bounty (seafood, wine and local produce), firearms safety training, a display by Game Council NSW and other approved hunting organisations.

You can visit the website for the inaugural HuntFest here

The event at Narooma on the NSW south coast has been granted a five year licence by the Eurobodalla Council; great news for hunters as like Game Council NSW, hunting becomes an entrenched part of state and national legislation, a part of normal community events not just a minority activity as touted by the anti-everything crowd!

I know I'll be setting aside some time to dig through hunting photos, maybe the old "rabbit with fox" might win itself another award?  Wouldn't that be nice! Wonder what the wife has planned for me this June long weekend?  Maybe another road trip down south might suit the family...?

For further information on the events being held at HuntFest contact the organisers at:

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