Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Hyenas in Addis Ababa

I'm a huge fan of the hyena and think they are a wonderful animal. One of Africa's most successful predators, perfectly adapted to long pursuit hunting and total utilisation of their prey. They kill the old and sick grazers, helping to maintain the health of herding animals and clean up dead carcasses across Africa, greatly benefiting the ecosystem. 

Hyenas offer wonderful game viewing opportunities for travelers and are a very challenging and unique game animal for hunt the hunter willing to put in the effort.  I have been fortunate to hunt the Spotted Hyena and the Brown Hyena and have had success with both species; the Striped Hyena is not easily available to the hunter. 

You can read Part I of my hyena hunting exploits by clicking the link below. Part II is a "work in progress" and will be online soon... http://huntingafricasbiggame.blogspot.com.au/2012/09/hunting-hyena-part-i.html

The latest issue of African Indaba has an article by Ludwig Siege titled "Hyenas in Addis Ababa".  Another example of the human animal conflict that can arise in fringe areas across Africa where humans and wild animals must co-exist.  This article relates to hyena in Ethipoia's capital city, Addis Ababa. To view the current African Indaba issue in full click on this link http://www.africanindaba.co.za/Archive12/AfricanIndabaVol10-2.pdf

Click here to read the article "Hyenas in Addis Ababa"

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