Thursday, 17 January 2013

DaggaBoy Blog milestone - 10,000 visits - no celebratory gunfire please

Yay! I've just had my 10,000th visitor to DaggaBoy Blog! Quite a milestone for this little venture and while I wasn't sure how committed I would be to tap-tap-tapping away to some readers who may-or-may-not be reading, I'm very happy that I've been able to maintain some momentum with regular posts and hopefully some interesting content.

I've really enjoyed the comments that have come through, mostly from members and other bloggers. I guess the idea was to share my stories with others and any opportunity to discuss those stories is a good one. So thank you if you've taken the time to keep up to date with DaggaBoy Blog and especially to those who have left comments; excellent to hear from you!

As great a milestone as 10,000 visits may be for me, the celebrations will be limited to this post, perhaps a cider, perhaps two? No celebratory gunfire please, I was reading into it and apparently a lot of people are dying from celebratory gunfire all over the world.

So I will borrow some celebratory gunfire from my middle eastern brothers...

البنادق هي كبيرة
Over the past 14 months, other than general hunting content, the blog has also touched on niche subjects I'm interested in - Africa's big game, the hornet project, return to nitro express and taxidermy 101. There'll be more on all of these in 2013 as well as new content in C.A.R. safari and some great content in beer o'clock.

If you're enjoying DaggaBoy Blog become a member so I can see your smiling face every time I log in. If you're a social-networker, like us on facebook - there's a button up there somewhere. No catch, no gimmicks, just become a part of the cyber hunting community.

For those who hate hunting and private gun ownership, sign up as well so that you might teach us something about the government taking away any rights, freedoms or privileges we may have, and perhaps enlighten this hunter about how environmentally friendly soya bean production is and how it saves so many animals from dying... actually, hold that thought, you might learn something here...


  1. Congrats on the milestone! That's a bunch of visitors to be sure!

    Here's to the next 10K... and the 10K after that one!

  2. Hey Phillip it's great to see traffic coming through, just need to engage some of these regular visitors and those that are just cruising through so that they might feel compelled to join in the discussion! Thanks for your contribution!