Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A shot of a tsessebe

2009. On our final, full day on safari, we decided it should to be an easy hunting day. There were some white blesbok getting about at the back of the place we were hunting, however on the way out there we bumped a herd of the very rarely hunted tsessebe. I was with the missus on this safari, six months pregnant at the time. Our daughter (who was 16 months old) was along for the ride, as was a good friend of hours from Sydney who was playing nanny on safari. The whole lot of us were in the bakkie while our PH Stephan rode up front with Fanwell - tracker and skinner.

We all looked at the tsessebe in the distance. I looked at the boss. The boss looked at me. We both looked at Stephan... we sat there bending spoons in our mind and without saying a word, agreed to have a closer look at the herd "just in case" there was a good bull amongst them...  


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