Saturday, 28 April 2012

Kind of under construction

With membership soaring to an all time high of "8" (I didn't miss any zeroes there - it really is just eight) and visits to the DaggaBoy Blog averaging 100 hits a week, it's clear that there is just a wee bit of interest out there in the ramblings of an ordinary bloke who just loves to hunt...

If only my grandparents where alive, surely they'd visit regularly? There total lack of English would mean more graphic content. And I still don't get why my family aren't here more often? Not at all actually; I guess when your siblings are all about turbochargers and pot pourri it's just not likely that they're gonna' share your passion for the hunt. Both my diesel 4WD's have a 3.0 litre turbo and I've got two lovely little girls, so it seems I've done my bit to fit in with the gang; how about some reciprocation?

But I digress...

Friday, 6 April 2012

Hunting the 2012 rut

Just back from a marathon hunt in the ranges bordering the Liverpool Plains of central New South Wales, an easy five hour drive from my home in Sydney. Having gained access to 10,000 acres of cattle country, I was very much looking forward to what promised to be some exciting hunting with a number of species roaming this block; wild and free and low-fenced. I was primarily hunting fallow deer but was really open to anything. In terms of game, the place turned out to be a hunter's wonderland!