Sunday, 23 December 2012

Savanna, my South African blonde

Today's post bears very little relevance to the "...hunting adventures of an ordinary bloke..." but I thought it was important to write about it anyway as this little search has been entangled with my safari career since day dot. 

I met Savanna on a cold August night, around a fire in Mpumalanga Province where I was hunting springbok, blue wildebeest and blesbok, it was 2006. She was a short blonde and her figure fairly heavy set, but I don't mind that. We managed to catch up a few times on that safari.

Back home, I missed Savanna terribly but we did occasional manage a short rendezvous thanks to the South African butcher at St.Ives on Sydney's north shore who would bring her over occasionally. I've been back to Africa on a few safaris now and on every visit we make some time to catch up and get "reacquainted" - she is truly wonderful.

During long periods apart my eyes wander and I've found it difficult to be loyal, there are so many other lovely blondes about that I can't help but stray from time to time. Actually it happens every week. English, Irish, Aussie, Swedish and even a French one. All blonde. All beautiful. But none of them can compare to my Savanna.

Well, not until now... I was out with friends at the Shady Pines Saloon in Darlinghurst the other day and I spotted a not-so-exotic local, this blonde hails from a property not 70 kilometres from my home. I was at the bar ordering my whiskey and apple juice when I spotted her and for the rest of the night she was mine.

It's not the end for Savanna and I, however with the new blonde from Bilpin I'm certain I won't be missing her so much. So good to find a local. And we'll have to revisit Shady Pines another day, definitely worth a visit, whether it be for a cider or rye whiskey and apple juice.

- - - STOP PRESS! - - -

One of our regular readers, Cazadero from San Antonio Texas, caught this post and like me, the thought of Savanna took him back to beautiful Africa.

This past July, Cazadero was enjoying some time out with his wife in the sands of Zimbabwe's Sengwa River - obviously throwing back a few Savanna Drys...



  1. I've edited this post to include a photo sent to me by a regular visitor to DaggaBoy Blog. Like me, Cazadero also loves Savanna.

    "These things can be pretty delicious after a long day in the African Sun."

    Well said Cazadero, I couldn't have put it better myself! I just hope you did a bit of hunting in between ciders!

  2. Mmm, it certainly is a good drop. Mind you, there is an empty 4 pack of Bilpin cider sitting out in the Queensland room. Not a bad drop at all.

  3. Lulwut I have to make a confession - bought a couple of 6 packs on the weekend, but Strongbow was on sale for three bucks less... I'm so weak...