Thursday, 4 October 2012

Processing a giraffe bull

Thought I'd post a few images of the field processing of the giraffe bull. I shot him at 7:52am and we were working hard till close to 3:00pm to get him skinned and broken down.  He fell in a pretty handy position with awkward but relatively good access for the vehicles but the skinning was a bit awkward at times.

From here the meat was transported to a wild game abattoir in Musina that specialises in processing hunted big game.  The top cuts stay in camp and a few make there way to restaurants.  The rest of the meat is sorted into two grades which are boned, cleaned and diced and used to make sausages and mince that sells for a few rand a kilogram to locals.  Some properties keep the meat for the people living on the property and in the wild country (outside of South Africa) the locals take home a sackful of meat each from all the game shot on safari.

Enjoy this brief photo essay.


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