Wednesday, 15 August 2012

No animals were harmed in the production of this post*

I've got a bad attitude when it comes to cleaning my hunting gear. Some time ago I noticed a few spots of rust in between the metal and stock of my .300 Weatherby Magnum; I forgot by the time I got home. Then two weeks ago I got caught out in a bit of a drizzle with the same rifle and while wiping it down I thought I'd better sort out this little drama...

So I armed myself with a scotch brite, a tooth brush and an oily rag, stripped the rifle and gave it a thorough polish and a good wipe down. At the same time the stock got a hot soapy wash (it's a synthetic) before putting it back together again. With the action held firmly in bedding compound and the barrel floating to the front action screw the rifle just needed a couple quick shots through it just to confirm point of impact. 

Yesterday I headed out to the farm with my oldest daughter, breakfast and the .300 Weatherby. We arrived just after dawn and spent the next hour turning a small fire into hot coals for breakfast; bacon and eggs, toast and coffee over the fire is about as good as it gets on a winter's morning.

And the .300? First shot was a flier, second shot was good, next three were touching. 

*Our fireside breakfast was at the expense of a pig 
somewhere, but that's life if you're a pig... bacon! 

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