Sunday, 5 August 2012

Elephants and sustainable utilisation

So while you may not agree with a hunter's reasoning as to why he might want to hunt jumbo, now you know! 

My desire to hunt and the resultant conservation benefits are not mutually exclusive; they are actually inextricably linked. The net conservation benefit has nothing to do with why I hunt, however these benefits are very positive by-products of my hunting, a convenient truth. There will be some greater good because of my quest to hunt the world's largest land animal. 

So what could lead to a need to kill elephant and how could such action possibly have a positive outcome?  Well there are a few things, and while we can list them out for discussion, in reality they are intertwined in such a way that each is a contributing factor to the other:
  • Increasing populations;
  • Boundaries in the modern world;
  • Carrying capacity.

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