Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Chad Harrison's Trophy and Meat Preparation DVD

I've been an amateur taxidermist since 1992 and I've been skinning and butchering game with my father since I was a small boy; I set myself up with a bit of gear at home to butcher meat properly in the last six years (bandsaw, mincer, a few books and a load of enthusiasm!).

Having watched a few of these DVDs in the past, this is the first presentation where a trophy animal has had its cape removed without fading out and losing half the story. There's always the bit where they go "...and here's one I was working on earlier..." that has had a lot of the work done in the background, and the viewer is left wondering how long did that really take and what did we miss? In this DVD we see every step of the caping operation from when Chad drops the stag through to when the cape is cut off at the nose - and all in a very easy to digest 23 minutes. 

It was great to see a pro split the cape along the back of the leg rather than sock it out after cutting the elbows, a real time saver in the field and if you're taking the cape right through to salting yourself, this makes it easier to rub the salt right in to the edges all over the skin; no dramas in those tubed out legs!

I'm quite proud of my butchering and I've become a big fan of chops and cutlets as they look attractive and I find them very reproducable. Roast shoulder? Mmmm... and easy. Back straps and eye fillet? Lovely. But I tend to give away the back leg as the missus is not a big fan of my "leg steaks" and I couldn't be bothered roasting a haunch of venison unless I have 6 hungry hunters on hand! So one really great insight was watching the back leg being broken down into rump, round, top side and silverside, and then cut into steaks and schnitzel. I'll be giving this a go when the next deer falls...

Not wanting to sound like an infomercial, but a short and sharp presentation. Very concise and easy to follow, and if you haven't done this before it can be quite stressful when you're up to your elbows in it!

Top work Chad! I'll be keeping my eye out for your first hunting release!

Chad Harrison has been a taxidermist for over 10 years and has 19 years experience in the buthcering trade. In this DVD, viewers will see Chad cape a fallow buck, including the face and some basic field dressing. Chad also shoots a fallow doe that is field dressed before the whole animal is taken home where we get to see the entire processing of the animal - skinning, then the breaking down into primals and cutting into steaks and roasts ready for the cook to take over.

Anyone interested in picking up a copy can get in touch with Chad by email or by visiting , looking up his profile "longrangehunter" and sending him a PM. Happy hunting all.

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