Friday, 18 May 2012

On the road

Merħba to one and all on this sunny morning in Victoria's northern reaches.

It was a very early start this morning with the first alarm going off just after 3:00am. Thankfully we had the good sense to load up the wagon last night so we could make a speedy get away in the wee small hours.

Strapped the girls in while they were still asleep and headed over to the old man's place where I snuck in and locked his Remington 7600 in the safe as I had been out at the farm the day before sighting in the Trijicon RX-06. Nice bit of kit. More on that shoot later.

It's dropped below zero a couple of times and the country was covered with a blanket of white frost. Even the spider webs were frosty! The fog at times filled the valleys like a thick cloud and moments later would open up to undulating country coloured golden with long grass.

We shared a trucky's breakfast at a roadhouse at Yass and I downed a small a bucket of coffee to keep me steady behind the wheel.

All three of the girls have spent most of 550km we've travelled so far drifting in and out of sleep. And there's nothing wrong with that! So far so good.

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