Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The duck hunting debate

Some good news from today's papers.  I'm under no illusion that this is a win, but it's certainly great to see this kind of reporting in the media. I guess as the duck season progresses we'll see how much balance the media gives this discussion.  Till then, enjoy the good news!

"Duck hunters can look back on a legacy that will never be 
matched by protesters who have left no such benefit and who 
continue to confuse animal rights with conservation."

Bill Patterson         
Field and Game Australia         

And from the ABC...

An environmental activist has appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court accused of failing to kill an injured duck. Anthony Murphy, 56, tried to save an injured duck after it was shot during last year's duck shooting season at wetlands near Kerang in Victoria's north.

Read that again: "...tried to save an injured duck after it was shot during last year's duck shooting season..."  So, shot during duck shooting season.  Righteo then.

He was planning to take the duck to a vet but it died shortly after being pulled from the water. The Department of Primary Industries has taken action against Murphy under Wildlife State Game Reserve regulations. Outside court, Murphy said the offence had not been enforced for 27 years. He said he believed it was a way of clamping down on protesters. "From the 27 years of the campaign, this is the first time a charge of this nature had been put on us," he said.

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