Sunday, 5 February 2012

A day out with the Anschutz

A mate of mine has found himself the owner of a very desirable stately residence in the rolling green hills of the Southern Highlands. Amongst Joe's many new responsibilities, which include slashing paddocks and pulling fireweed, is vertebrate pest control.  Joe's most recent acquisition, an Anschutz Model 1730 chambered in .22 Hornet is going to be his primary tool for fox control. The Anschutz and a tin whistle.

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  1. Anschutz rifles are very good. A shot would be a perfect when the rifle is Anschutz 1516.

    1. Mark, I haven't fired an Anschutz chambered in a rimfire cartridge. The Anschutz 1730 in .22 Hornet was a fantastic rifle to hande and wonderfully accurate. Are you hunting with an Anschutz Mark?