Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Three months old

55 minutes ago this blog turn three months old.  In three short months I've discovered that a young family and a busy job make writing quite difficult to squeeze into my day!

To my three members - thank you for your support!  And to those who have subscribed to email updates of new posts, I hope you're enjoying the occasional update - there's plenty more to come in 2012.  I'm currently working on a number of important projects both for myself and for readers of this blog. These should be online and active in the coming weeks.  At this stage, the plan for new content goes something like this - 
  • The Hornet Project;
  • Beer o'clock with DaggaBoy;
  • Hunting Africa's Big Game;
  • Return to Nitro Express;
  • C.A.R. Safari; and
  • Taxidermy 101
I won't go into the exact content of these categories, but as you can guess it's all about the hunt. Stay tuned to the hunting adventures of an ordinary bloke; I hope you enjoy the exciting times ahead!

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