Wednesday, 14 December 2011

The first hunt that wasn't

Best made plans don’t always come off.  So the other day I was pondering the weeks ahead:

“…it is with more than a little anticipation that I start preparing for quite a few trips over the next month, from the central tablelands of NSW to the burning plains of southwest Queensland and then the gorges of the northern tablelands – I’m excited about the adventure and the hunting and sharing my stories on the DaggaBoy blog; so let the good times roll…”

Trip one was supposed to be chasing rabbits and foxes out on the central tablelands with Lulwut.  Well… one of the little ones broke her ankle on the weekend – a small fall playing with friends – and a weekend away turned into an unexpected drama.  Trip cancelled.

The boss was busy on my Tuesday off and the best thing I could think to do was load the girls into the Toyota along with breakfast and a packed lunch - a day at the farm!

Our drive was a bit rough - fog, rain and a couple of trucks. We got there just before dawn and cruised around with the light for an hour before dawn. Breakfast by the shearing shed (out of the wind) then we shot a few tin cans and sighted in a mate’s Hornet – more on the Hornet later – though it did put down a couple of very neat 3-shot groups across the bonnet of the Hilux; one a tidy 0.295" at 100 yards.

We did manage to call a couple of foxes and spotted a few bunnies skipping along in the gullies but we hung out together and put the hunting on the back burner for the day. Maybe when the cast is off we can go for a wander in the hills together?  6 weeks and counting.


  1. Glad you had a blast! Good to see the little one is doing ok.

    Factory loads on the Hornet?

  2. Factory ammo - el cheapo highland!