Friday, 25 November 2011

The fox and his rabbit

It was a very cold July morning on the NSW central tablelands when the photo of the fox and his rabbit was taken.
I was on a state forest hunt with fellow R-licence holder and good mate Lulwut.  Access to this particular forest requires a short drive along a private road and it was along this road we met this dog fox with a rabbit he'd just collected, and very determined to cross the road.  

Said fox trotted forward and I rolled the Hilux forward to cut him off. The red dog doubled back and attempted to cross the road behind us so I let the Toyota roll back and he stopped somewhat confused.  Hmmm.  He raced forward and I cut him off again, very odd.  Lulwut reached around to the back seat and grabbed my Canon DSLR and I quickly fitted the IS55-250mm lens.

We played the game a bit longer till the fox stopped for a minute, staring straight down the barrel, breathing heavily, but holding firmly onto his prize. Click, click, click…

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